Publishing NTT DATA's successful verification of Citadel Radar

July 22, 2022
In order to develop reliable AI systems, which have unique risks and QA challenges compared to conventional software, Citadel AI and NTT Data have conducted a joint verification using publicly available financial data.
During this verification, NTT Data confirmed that Citadel Radar, an automatic quality monitoring system for AI applications, successfully detects real-world problems in AI models and improves performance over time.
For details, please refer to NTT Data's website below (Japanese only).

About Citadel AI Inc.

Citadel AI provides automated testing and monitoring products for AI applications, to help organizations prevent technical and business risks from AI bias, and maximize AI performance from PoC to operation.
Citadel AI's co-founder was the former product manager for ML infrastructure at Google Brain, and is currently leading Citadel AI’s product and engineering teams.

Representative Director: Hironori Kobayashi
Headquarters:                    Shibuya, Tokyo
Establishment:                   December 10, 2020
Company URL:          

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