Founding Team

Hironori "Rick" Kobayashi
Co-Founder, CEO
Rick is the co-founder and CEO of Citadel AI. He holds a degree in electronic engineering from The University of Tokyo. Later, he joined Mitsubishi Corporation and served the President of Loyalty Marketing, Inc., which is famous for the coalition program called Ponta, SVP of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), and CEO of Indiana Packers Corporation in U.S. He has outstanding management skills and extensive industry knowledge ranging from IT to medical, retail and food industries.
Kenny Song
Co-Founder, CTO
Kenny is the co-founder and CTO of Citadel AI. He holds a degree in mathematics from NYU Shanghai, and published research in reinforcement learning. Later, he joined Google Brain as a Product Manager for machine learning infrastructure, including TensorFlow and AutoML. Additionally, Kenny has conducted research at The University of Tokyo on adversarial machine learning, and sold his previous startup, RoadWatch, to the Abu Dhabi government.
Asei Sugiyama
Software Engineer
Asei is a founding software engineer at Citadel AI. Previously, he has worked on engineering production machine learning systems, in particular building ML pipelines. Additionally, Asei is a co-author of "Machine Learning Illustrated" (機械学習図鑑), and a contributor to open source ML libraries such as Kubeflow Pipelines and TFX.
Arseniy Aseev
Software Engineer
Arseniy is a founding software engineer at Citadel AI. Previously, he worked at Paidy, Japan's largest fintech startup (acquired by PayPal), designing and engineering their internal MLOps systems and workflows. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Yokohama National University, as a MEXT scholar, and conducted research on the security of Ethereum smart contracts.

Company Info

Company Name
Citadel AI Inc.
Representative Director
Hironori "Rick" Kobayashi
Shibuya, Tokyo
Date of Incorporation
Dec 10, 2020